11 July 2019

Musanada: Four AED152 m development projects for Al Ain Zoo

Abu Dhabi General Services Company, Musanada, has commenced construction of four development projects at Al Ain Zoo, including construction of the Reptile Park, Elephant Safari, Gorilla Sanctuary and Sand Cat Conservation Exhibit for a total value of AED152 million.

These new projects form part of the efforts to realise on ground the vision of Abu Dhabi government towards being globally leader in conserving wildlife by supporting and enhancing conservation of nature and preservation and breeding of endangered species, striking balance between growth and conservation of the environment and biodiversity, and raising awareness about wildlife and the importance of endangered species and the need to preserve them.

Elaborating in further detail, Musanada stated that the AED30 million Reptile Park project is being constructed over a total area of 11,500 square meters. The project involves demolition of the existing Reptile House building and construction of a new reptile building that will include indoor and outdoor exhibitions for all types of reptiles, besides other coordination works as part of the Al Ain zoo development scheme to grow into a significant tourism facility and landmark in Al Ain the UAE in general, and a destination for visitors and tourists from inside and outside the UAE.

The AED93.5 million Elephant Safari project aims to create a natural habitat for 15 African elephants, besides construction of a natural Safari exhibition for visitors across a 17.5ha area, which will be connected to the existing Al Ain Safari and the Lions Exhibition spreading across 2.6ha area, along with a ‘feeding’ experience which is unique in the GCC area.

Furthermore, Musanada is currently constructing the AED17.8 million Gorilla Sanctuary project across an area of 8,725 square meters. The project involves demolition of the existing building and construction of new exhibition courts and wooded areas along with facilities for 5 female and 1 male gorillas and dedicated facilities for the professionals, administration and visitor areas.

As for the AED10.7 million Sand Cat Conservation Exhibit project, it will involve demolition of the existing building and construction of new exhibitions for sand cats and other night animals, construction of visitor corridors and areas, besides enhancing the electromechanical systems.